Our doctors are among the top plastic surgeons in California, as such, they are frequently asked to speak, train, and lecture about the latest innovations and advancements in plastic surgery today. Together, they are recognized leaders in the field of aesthetic surgery and each brings over 20 years of experience to San Francisco, Sonoma and Marin County.

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Labia surgery is increasingly popular, but most people aren’t getting it because of ‘idealized’ genitals seen in porn

Insider Magazine LogoOctober 28, 2011

In the twenty years that she’s been performing the procedure, Furnas has met many women who seek it out after years of pain, irritation, and physically uncomfortable intercourse.

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Career Advice from 8 Successful Women

Multibriefs Logo CopyMarch 27, 2019

Women’s History Month, celebrated every March, recognizes the remarkable achievements and contributions of women.

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The Kind of Plastic Surgery People Get Depends on Where They Live

USA Today Logo 2June 18, 2018

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — but where folks live around the country appears to figure in their choices when it comes to plastic surgery.

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The Designer Vagina on Health Report

ABC Logo CopyAugust 7, 2017

Demand for designer vagina surgery or labiaplasty is growing quickly. In Australia, Medicare claims for labiaplasty more than tripled between 2000 and 2013.

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Why Would Women want to have Labiaplasty

Forbes Magazine Logo CopyMarch 30, 2017

While the thought of labiaplasty might be enough to make many women squirm, it’s a relatively simple outpatient procedure, said Furnas, who performs an average of two or three a week in her practice’s surgical suite.

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Women in Plastic Surgery: Pregnancy

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Logo CopyFebruary 8, 2017

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

In the first video from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s “Women in Plastic Surgery” series, American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s “Women Plastic Surgeons” group members share what it’s like to go through pregnancy while in plastic surgery residency.

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Eye Opening Way to Get Younger Looking Eyes

Health News Digest Logo WhiteJune 21, 2016

Your eyes are the windows to your age. In fact, studies have shown that when strangers are asked to judge how old a person is, the eye area is one of the biggest influences. The delicate skin around our eyes is usually the first place to get noticeable fine lines/wrinkles and even brown discoloration. The causes are exposure to sun and pollution, stress, and late nights.

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How To Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

Health News Digest Logo WhiteMarch 2, 2016

The majority of deaths that occur within health and medicine are due to negligence or incompetence. In the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, common deaths are related to anesthesia with the highest probability of occurrence being 1 out of 13,000 and lowest 1 out of 300,000.

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