Pregnancy and significant weight loss can create excess skin around the belly and cause the abdominal muscles to separate. Diet and exercise alone may not be enough to firm up these features. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is an effective plastic surgery procedure that addresses common concerns of the midsection to give you a tighter, more contoured figure. Through tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Furnas, Dr. Canales, and Dr. Culbertson give San Francisco patients a flatter, tighter body contour.

Our doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons who each have more than 20 years of experience. They perform an advanced “drainless” version of the tummy tuck procedure, which research has shown can reduce fluid accumulation, chance of infection, and recovery time. As leaders in the field, our doctors have trained many other doctors in these techniques, both in the United States and internationally.

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Tummy Tuck Explained

During a tummy tuck procedure, your surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the upper, mid, and lower midsection, and the abdominal muscles are tightened. The skin is skillfully repositioned to deliver a smoother, more contoured abdomen.

At Plastic Surgery Associates in San Francisco, our experienced plastic surgeons use a drainless tummy tuck technique, resulting in less scarring, more stability, a shorter recovery time, and less risk of complications and infection than the traditional tummy tuck technique.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

With a tummy tuck surgery, patients can have:

A More Aesthetically Appealing Appearance.

By removing excess skin, our doctors can give patients a more flattering body contour.

A Stronger Midsection.

A tummy tuck can tighten the abdominal muscles, repairing areas weakened by pregnancy or major weight loss.

Greater Comfort and Confidence.

People who have avoided revealing clothing, bathing suits, exercise, or sports can have more freedom in what they wear and the activities they enjoy.

Advanced tummy tuck techniques.

Our experienced surgeons use the drainless tummy tuck method, resulting in less scarring, more stability, shorter recovery time, and better results.

Before & After Photos

If you are interested in seeing how a tummy tuck surgery can improve your figure, look at our before and after tummy tuck photos for real patient results.

Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

Patients may want to consider tummy tuck surgery with our San Francisco practice if they have unwanted excess skin around their midsection and can see or feel separation in their abdominal muscles. Women who have developed a “mommy pouch” after pregnancy will likely benefit from the procedure. Typically, we advise patients that they should be finished with having children before going ahead with the surgery.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons can perform several different types of tummy tuck procedures. In the traditional approach, they will remove excess skin, tighten the abdominal muscles, and liposuction areas of fat. A small selection of patients will be good candidates for a mini or modified version of the tummy tuck, which target a smaller area and may not include muscle tightening.

As part of their initial consultation, our doctors will talk with patients about what they want to achieve and discuss their options. They will also perform an examination to identify any hernias and evaluate the condition of the abdominal muscles. Patients often want to know about the length and position of surgical scars; our doctors place incisions in a way that they should be well concealed beneath clothing, underwear, and swimsuits.

How Old Do I Have to Be?

Patients as young as 16 can have a tummy tuck (with a parent’s written consent). However, it is rare to have someone so young undergo a tummy tuck unless they have lost considerable weight. Our surgeons recommend you be fully developed and done having children before undergoing a tummy tuck.

Have unwanted excess skin around midsection

Can see/feel separation in ab muscles

Pregnancy related stretching

Done having children

Meet San Francisco’s Prominent Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Furnas, Dr. Canales, and Dr. Culbertson are board-certified plastic surgeons with more than 20 years of experience. They perform an advanced “drainless” version of the tummy tuck procedure, which research has shown can reduce fluid accumulation, chance of infection, and recovery time. As leaders in the field, our doctors have trained many other doctors in these techniques, both in the United States and internationally.

The Procedure Process Explained

The Consultation

At your initial tummy tuck consultation, your surgeon will learn more about your aesthetic goals and discuss how a tummy tuck will help you achieve them.

They will also discuss what to expect before and after the procedure, how a tummy tuck is performed, your recovery timeline, and any risks or complications associated with a tummy tuck surgery. They will also perform an examination to identify any hernias and evaluate the condition of the abdominal muscles.

Furthermore, a consultation is the best time to ask your surgeon any questions or discuss any concerns you may have regarding the procedure.

What Should I Do in Preparation?

In preparation for your tummy tuck, we recommend you do the following:

  • Maintain a stable weight by eating a healthy diet and regularly exercising.
  • Receive a physical evaluation and lab tests to check if you are healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia.
  • Avoid smoking and all nicotine products before and after the procedure, which may interfere with your results.
  • Avoid alcohol before the procedure.
  • Stop taking certain medications and herbal supplements that may thin the blood, including Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, and Advil.
  • Prepare for your tummy tuck recovery period by filling all prescriptions, finding loose, comfortable clothing, cleaning your home to minimize the amount you do during recovery, and arranging your transportation to and from the clinic.

At your tummy tuck consultation, your doctor will discuss their pre-operative and post-operative instructions with you in more detail.

How Many Sessions Are Involved?

Generally, only one tummy tuck surgery is needed to achieve desirable results. However, if you gain and then lose a significant amount of weight after the procedure, the results of your initial tummy tuck may be undone, and another surgery may be needed to restore your pre-baby figure.

What is Surgery Like?

Tummy tuck surgery can take anywhere between one and five hours to complete, depending on the extent of the treatment area and if any other plastic surgery procedures are being performed in conjunction with the tummy tuck, such as liposuction.

During the procedure, you will be put under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will carefully remove excess skin from your abdomen and tighten the skin below or above the belly button (or both). Depending on your unique aesthetic goals and the type of tummy tuck you are having, they may also tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess fat from the area.

Tummy Tuck Recovery in San Francisco

Plastic Surgery Associates performs tummy tuck surgery using general anesthesia, and most patients receive treatment at our AAAASF-certified facility in San Francisco. Our nurses will greet patients on the day of their procedure and perform some initial tests, and then the doctor will make surgical markings and answer any other questions patients may have. We want every person to enter procedures with complete confidence in their care.

Because of the experience and expertise of our doctors, tummy tuck surgery usually does not take very long, and patients can expect to return home on the same day as their procedure. We see many out-of-town patients, and we encourage them to spend at least one night resting in San Francisco. We are happy to provide hotel recommendations.

The drainless tummy tuck techniques our doctors use help patients return to their jobs within two weeks, sometimes sooner. People with more physically demanding jobs or lifestyles will require more time away. We will see patients again about a week after their procedure, at which time we will remove sutures and provide instructions on scar care. By following this advice, patients can significantly reduce long-term signs of surgery.

How Long Will My Results Last?

With optimal maintenance, the results of a tummy tuck could last a long time, as the skin and fat removed will not grow back. However, while the results from a tummy tuck are long-lasting, they may be compromised if a significant amount of weight is gained or lost following the procedure.

Our experienced surgeons recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise, and avoids smoking and excessive drinking. This will help you maintain a stable weight and your beautiful tummy tuck results.

Other Things to Consider Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

If you are interested in getting a tummy tuck in San Francisco, here are some other things to consider before moving forward with your treatment.

Will I Need to Request a Lot of Time Off From Work?

Prioritizing your tummy tuck recovery by taking time off work is essential for optimizing healing and achieving beautiful results. We recommend taking at least two weeks off work. If you have a physically demanding position, it may be beneficial to take off additional time.

What If I Have Had a C-Section?

While healing from your C-section cannot be rushed, it is certainly possible to have a tummy tuck after having a C-section. With a tummy tuck, an experienced surgeon can remove your C-section scar and scar tissue, repair separated and stretched abdominal muscles, and address stretch mark. The goal being to contour your figure to resemble your pre-baby body (or even improve it!).

What Happens If I Get Pregnant After My Surgery?

Getting pregnant after having a tummy tuck may alter all the results you achieved through the procedure, and your doctor may recommend a follow-up procedure to restore your pre-baby body.

While it is perfectly safe to get pregnant after a tummy tuck, we generally recommend waiting until you are done having children to get this procedure to maintain long-lasting, beautiful results.


Tummy Tuck vs. Mini-Tummy Tuck

Compared to a regular tummy tuck that removes excess skin and fat, repairs the abdominal muscles, and tightens the skin along the entire abdomen (upper, mid, and lower), a mini tummy tuck only addresses the area below the belly button.

During a mini tummy tuck, the surgeon removes loose skin in the lower abdomen and tightens the remaining skin for a flatter appearance.

Tummy Tuck Costs in San Francisco

The complexity and time involved factors in the cost of a tummy tuck. Other Factors can affect the cost; for example, some patients will benefit from liposuction at the same time as their tummy tuck, or they may have less skin that requires excision.

To help patients decide about treatment, our doctors will prepare a detailed surgical plan during their initial consultation. They will take the time to talk about what patients can expect before, during, and after their procedure; explain pricing, and answer any other questions. Beyond giving patients an attractively tightened midsection, it is our goal to provide supportive and informative care at every step in their experience.

Does My Insurance Cover the Procedure?

Insurance does not cover tummy tucks in most cases, as this procedure is generally used for cosmetic purposes. However, Plastic Surgery Associates in San Francisco offers financing options if you need assistance paying for the procedure.

Surgical Plan

Patient’s Expectations

Time Involved

You’re In Good Hands with Plastic Surgery Associates

If you are interested in achieving a tighter, smoother, more contoured midsection, trust the experienced plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Associates in San Francisco. We specialize in performing tummy tucks to help you improve your figure and achieve your aesthetic goals. Schedule your tummy tuck consultation in San Francisco today at (707) 504-3277

Dr. Heather Furnas is a skilled and caring plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience helping patients attain their aesthetic goals.
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Dr. Francisco Canales is a seasoned plastic surgeon adept in aesthetic treatment for the face, body, and breasts.
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Dr. Culbertson specializes in aesthetic surgery and is double board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.
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