Mother and Daughter Smiling and Running Down BeachThe mommy makeover surgery is one that continues to grow in popularity year after year. Because it combines multiple procedures, such as tummy tuck and breast augmentation, into one surgical event, more and more women are choosing to get all of their pre-pregnancy features back at one time.

At Plastic Surgery Associates in San Francisco, our doctors offer several different procedures to women who want to restore their bodies after pregnancy. Our board-certified plastic surgeons individualize the mommy makeover to each patient, allowing them to achieve their personal aesthetic goals.

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

In order to find out which procedures are right for your mommy makeover, you’ll need to first visit our doctors for an initial consultation. During your appointment, they will perform a full exam of your trouble areas, talk to you about your health history, listen as you explain your desired goals for your mommy makeover, and work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your individual needs.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

In planning for your mommy makeover, you’ll have the choice to choose from several different procedures. The combination will be unique to you and what you desire your body to look like.

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy most affects the abdomen. Therefore, most women in San Francisco choose to include a tummy tuck in their mommy makeover. The tummy tuck surgery will remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen and repair separated abdominal muscles as well. Women who have C-section scars can also see improvement from a tummy tuck, as our doctors will remove extra skin from the lower abdomen and close the tummy tuck incision in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy and breastfeeding greatly affect the breasts, which is why breast augmentation is a common procedure included in a mommy makeover. Our board-certified plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of the breasts and add or restore fullness. San Francisco patients will benefit from a more youthful, natural-looking bust.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is used to reshape the breasts, raise their position, and correct breast sagging. This procedure offers patients a more youthful and aesthetically appealing look and is an ideal option for women who have experienced unwanted physical changes as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breast Reduction

While many women want to achieve larger breasts after pregnancy, the truth is that some women suffer from breasts that are too large. If pregnancy has only compounded the pain you experience from overly large breasts, consider including a breast reduction in your mommy makeover plan.


Many women include liposuction in their mommy makeover procedure in order to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. Additionally, liposuction can provide women with increased body contouring in specific areas, providing a smoother silhouette.


Labiaplasty reduces the size of the labia minora, so they do not protrude too much. When you choose to include this procedure in your mommy makeover, any vaginal discomfort you have that has been caused by elongated labia minora will be reduced or even eliminated. Additionally, our doctors can remove excess skin around the clitoral hood so the entire area remains in balance.

Visit Our Doctors to Customize Your Mommy Makeover

To customize your mommy makeover procedure and finally regain the body you lost after pregnancy, call Dr. Furnas, Dr. Canales and Dr. Culbertson to schedule your initial consultation in their San Francisco office. You can reach a member of their friendly team by calling (415) 278-7441 today!